8 Beauty DIY Tips and Hacks

DIY Beauty Tips

There’s something so satisfying about making your own homemade beauty treatments. Below are 8 easy and fun beauty DIY tips and hacks for skin, hair, and body!

Homemade Beauty Tips

*DIY Beauty – Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

1.  Exfoliating Blackheads DIY Face Wash

This homemade facial wash with some powerful yet gentle ingredients can help exfoliate blackheads away. Mix together baking soda, fine sea salt, and honey. Apply the mixture to your face on your blackheads for about 5 minutes. Then rub it in in circular motion before rinsing it off.

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2.  Lavender Epsom Bath Salts

Mix together 1/2 cup epsom salts and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Mix until well combined and store in a sealed container. To make this into the perfect gift, put the salts into a mason jar with a pretty ribbon or label!  Then, add a generous portion of salts to your bath for a delightful and relaxing break.

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3.  10 Beauty DIY Recipes That Are Green in Every Way

10 absolutely incredibly DIY recipes made with all green ingredients. Head over to PopSugar for the recipes!

4.  Dried up Mascara?

Add a few saline drops to it to make your mascara good as new!

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5.  Clean Your Brush in Minutes

1. Using scissors, cut the hair in the brush lengthwise down every few rows making sure you are  cutting in between the bristles and not actually cutting the bristles.

2. With the tip of the scissors, slide the scissors lengthwise underneath the hair and lift to remove it with the tip of the scissors and your fingers.

3. At this point, most of the hair should be removed but there still might be some left. Place the brush in a sink filled with warm water mixed with a small amount of shampoo. Allow it to soak.

4. Now use a spare toothbrush to brush vigorously up and down each row of your hair brush to remove the remainder of the little hairs left behind.

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6.  How to Cheat at Hair Braiding

Create incredible braids with these easty-to-follow video tutorials at Beauty High.

7.  Homemade Sugar Scrubs

At U DIY, you can find 4 wonderful recipes for homemade sugar scrubs using ingredients like sugar, olive oil, and essential oils!

8. Homemade Cocoa Powder Tan

Mix together 2 Tablespoons cocoa powder (add more if you want to be darker) with your favorite body moisturizer for an easy homemade tanning cream/ lotion.

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